New Website FAQ

Our All-new, Enhanced Ordering Experience is coming Monday, November 1. Here's a quick look at the critical information you need to know.

What Exactly is Happening?
On Monday, November 1, we will be unveiling a new enhancement to It is an improved way to order all your business supplies, featuring a faster overall site and an enhanced user experience. Also, we've added more products -- including educational, breakroom, and janitorial supplies.

What is Different for Me?
Not very much. Same URL, same login, all your lists will be there.

Let's step through a few questions one by one:

Is the site URL address the same?
Yes, the URL is still However, you
will need to update your bookmark if you saved any page other than the home page.

Do I log in with the same credentials?
Yes. Your username and password are the same, but it is now case-sensitive. In the future, you will be prompted to update your password every 90 days (due to security).

Please note: Future passwords will need to comply with the following requirements: Be at least eight characters long (no blank spaces) and contain at least one of the following: an uppercase letter, lowercase letter, number, and special character. (i.e., !@#$%^&*)

If I had a shared list or favorites list on your old site, will it still be there?
Yes. We have imported your list(s) – your personal favorites and your company-wide list (if applicable). The only difference is that lists become rather unmanageable once you reach
150 items. So, if your list had more than 150 products, we segmented your list by product sub-category. For example, if you had a list with 300 items and half are office supplies and the other half are toner we have logically separated your lists into two – one for office supplies and one for toner products.

Parked Orders/Saved Carts
If you have parked or saved an order or shopping cart these will expire with the system change. Please submit your cart prior to Friday, October 29th or print a copy of your order and you can either re-enter it into the new site on Monday, or your OE Customer Care team will help you rebuild the order on our new website.

If I had an approval process, will it still be there?
Yes, we have copied over your current approval process. However, our new system has several approval process enhancements, so if you envision a new and improved process, please discuss with your Account Manager.

Will I have the same pricing as reflected on the old site?
Yes, your pricing is still the same.

Will all my ship-to addresses come over?
Yes. We have imported all of them so if you have access to ordering for more than one ship to you will have access to all addresses you did before. As you take a spin through the site the first time, please review your ship-to addresses and let us know if any adds/deletes are necessary.

Can I track my orders?
Yes, you can track your orders within 24 hours of order placement, if not sooner.
Go to "Order Center" – "Order History."

Can I initiate returns?
Yes, you can manage your returns online under the tab "Order Center."

Can I look up and print my own invoices?
Yes, you can access and print invoices by going to "My Account," "Orders, Invoices, Quotes."

How do I manage my account?
Depending on your permissions, all the controls for managing your account are found under the "My Account" menu, accessed from the main navigation bar.

How do I contact you if I need additional help?
We have lots of options for you. There is an orange "live chat" button on the top-right of our site. You can also reach the customer service team at 866-251-9802, or

You can also fill out the form below and we will answer your question as soon as possible.